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Custom Hearing Aids

Looking for something as unique as you? Customized Hearing Aids and In-the-Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids are your one-of-a-kind hearing aids that are customizable to match your hearing needs, ear shape, skin tone, ear size, and ear structure.

Made for mild to severe hearing loss, custom and ITE hearing aid models are made to fit the shape of the ear canal for maximum fit, comfort, and subtlety. Discreet and nearly invisible, these personalized hearing aids are perfect for everyone.

Custom Hearing Aid

Advantages of Customized Hearing Aids

Personalized Sound

Custom hearing aids provide the most personalized sound since they sit directly in the ear. Each hearing experience is truly unique with custom hearing aids since they are made to fit each individual’s ear shape, size, and structure.

Bluetooth & Accessory Connectivity

Bluetooth and wireless streaming technologies have made their way into the world of hearing aids, and custom hearing aids are no exception. When creating your custom hearing aids, you have the option to add bluetooth and accessory connectivity so you can easily switch between hearing what’s going on in the world around you and what’s going on on your devices.


The most discrete of all hearing aids, custom hearing aids are built to blend in with your sink tone (if desired), ear structure and also to match your hearing needs. Others may never even notice you’re wearing hearing aids with custom hearing aids.

Custom Hearing Aid Brands We Carry

The Hearing Place carries an array of custom hearing devices from various manufacturers, including:

ReSound Logo


Starkey Logo


Unitron Logo


Signia Logo


Oticon Logo


Widex Logo


Phonak Logo