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Receiver-In-Ear Hearing Aids

Receiver-in-ear (RIE), or receiver-in-canal (RIC), hearing aids are the most popular style of hearing aid that sits behind the ear in a small, lightweight plastic case, similar to Behind-the-Ear hearing aids.

The speaker (receiver) part of the hearing aid rests inside the ear canal. The receiver connects to the receiver cover that sits behind the ear with a small plastic tube. Discreet due to its small size, this hearing aid is available in different models depending on your degree of hearing loss. In most cases, RIE hearing aids are the most comfortable and discreet, and they may also be used to help manage ringing in the ears (tinnitus).

RIE aids are all digital today, and are often referred to as “Bluetooth Hearing Aids,” because of their ability to stream audio via bluetooth technology. Not only do RIE hearing aids work with a wide array of accessories and apps, they are also rechargeable.

Receiver-In-Ear Hearing Aid

Advantages of RIE Hearing Aids


Say goodbye to batteries and say hello to rechargeable hearing aids, built with a sealed lithium-ion battery that holds power all day without needing a recharge. At night, simply place your hearing aids in an easy-to-use charging case to charge your hearing aids for the next day. Some models offer up to 36 hours of hearing aid use on a single charge, even when streaming from your phone, TV, computer or tablet. We recommend rechargeable hearing aids for anyone who wants ease of use, has dexterity issues, has had moisture issues with previous hearing aids or simply doesn’t want to hassle with traditional batteries.

Comfortable & Discreet

RIE hearing aids fit the bill for more than one reason – they’re comfortable and discreet, just the way they should be. With zero fuss, you’ll be hearing in no time, and comfortably nonetheless.

Digital with Bluetooth Capabilities

Almost all hearing aids that are Bluetooth compatible allow you to connect your hearing aids to a separate device or accessory to stream to your mobile phone, TV, computer, tablet, speaker and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This allows you to stay connected to what’s happening around you while streaming through these devices. Today’s bluetooth accessories bring a whole new meaning to surround sound.

RIE Hearing Aid Brands We Carry

The Hearing Place carries an array of RIE hearing devices from various manufacturers, including:

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