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Improve Your Hearing with Help From The Hearing Place of Northern Colorado

The Hearing Place has helped people hear again. Through hearing loss consultations and clinical hearing screenings, our team of audiologists helps people at all stages of hearing loss determine how best to restore their hearing.

Whether you choose an in-office visit, an in-home guided test, an online test, or a self-test kit, our priority is to deliver an enjoyable experience during our comprehensive hearing evaluations.
As one of the few remaining locally-owned practices in Colorado, we strive to provide personalized, comfortable and trusted care, so you can lead a better life through better hearing.

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We Offer Four Easy Hearing Test Options That You Can Choose From

The Hearing Place offers comprehensive hearing evaluations – on your own terms. Whether you want to take a hearing test from the comfort of your own home or visit one of our 6 convenient locations, The Hearing Place has an option for you.

Self Test Kit

Our safe and accurate in-home comprehensive hearing evaluations can be taken with a Self Test Kit powered by hearX technology. The hearX Self Test Kit allows patients to take a hearing test remotely, receive counseling, buy and receive hearing aids and have them adjusted, without having to physically consult a professional.

In-Home Guided Test

Not comfortable taking a hearing test on your own, but not ready to leave the house? Our hearing specialists will come to you! We will come with a hearing test kit to test your hearing from the comfort of your home so you can achieve better hearing on your own terms.

In-Office Visit

We have six offices located in northern and eastern Colorado so that our specialists can easily help you hear better. Our offices are well-equipped with the most technologically-advanced hearing testing, hearing aid maintenance, and other hearing device equipment to provide you with the best in-person experience possible.

Online Hearing Test

Our online hearing test is a quick and easy way to determine if you are suffering from hearing loss.
The test takes less than 5 minutes to complete and might give you an answer you hadn’t considered before.

Take the test now.

How The Hearing Place Helped Bring a Family Together
Through Better Hearing

Because Better Hearing
Means More

From your granddaughter’s first solo performance to hearing the family jokes at the dinner table, there is a lot that hearing loss can make you miss out on. Don’t let it, because better hearing means more.

Select the location nearest to you, and our team will reach out to help you set up your comprehensive hearing evaluation.

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