Hearing Aid Cleaning & Maintenance

You’ve made a big investment in your hearing aids – now it’s time to keep them working to the best of their ability. Get the most out of your hearing aids by taking steps to care for them on your own and by bringing them back to The Hearing Place every 6-12 months for deep cleaning and maintenance. Below learn all you need to know about hearing aid cleaning and maintenance!


In between office visits, we strongly encourage our patients to lengthen the life of their hearing aids by cleaning them regularly. Give your hearing aids some TLC by making these steps a part of your daily routine:

Number 1
Before your daily hygiene routine, make sure to remove your
hearing aids.
Number 2
Wipe the aids with a dry cloth to remove debris and moisture.
Number 3
Remove any ear wax with a brush.
Number 4
Use a bulb blower to remove moisture from the tubing.
Number 5
Consider investing in a dehumidifier or drying jar to use nightly. This will help remove moisture.

Troubleshooting & Issues

Just like all other technology, hearing aids can sometimes experience technical issues. Whether your hearing aids are not producing sound or they won’t stay in your ear, we have you covered. Here are a few troubleshooting ideas to get your aids back up and running again if you’re experiencing issues:

  1. Make sure they are turned on (we’re only human!).
  2. Check the settings. There’s always a chance you accidentally changed them.
  3. Clean the aids to ensure no ear wax or moisture is affecting their performance.
  4. Try repositioning the aid in your ear.
  5. Check the battery and try replacing it if you believe the current battery might be dead, or if it is rechargeable, charge it.

If none of these steps work, please contact the hearing specialists at The Hearing Place and we will be happy to assist you.

Cleaning hearing aid
Person repairing a hearing aid


At-home hearing aid care and maintenance may only go so far; sometimes your aids need professional help to make some repairs. That’s when The Hearing Place will step in to help! We make hearing aid repairs frequently to ensure your hearing devices are working to the best of their ability so you can hear better without stressing about your hearing aids.

Types of repairs we provide include:

  • Microphone repairs
  • Internal tubing repairs
  • Battery & battery compartment repairs
  • Case repairs

To learn more about our repairs, cost, troubleshooting, or how to care for your hearing devices at home, please contact The Hearing Place, or fill out the form below.

Request for Scheduling & Maintenance

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