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Silence isn’t always golden.

When hearing loss starts cheating you or a loved one, schedule an appointment.

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Silence isn’t always golden. Hearing loss steals our everyday sounds. The sounds of laughter. The sounds of our loved ones. The sounds of birds on a spring day. These sounds remind us that we are alive.

Unfortunately, these sounds often slowly fade away without us knowing - but they can return and we can help.

Since 1989, The Hearing Place has helped people hear again. Through thorough hearing loss consultations and clinical hearing screenings, our team of audiologists help people at all stages of hearing loss determine how best to restore their hearing. If hearing aid devices are appropriate for your hearing loss, we will walk you through the process of selecting the ideal device for you.

The Hearing Place recently won second place for "Best Hearing Center" in Northern Colorado from NOCO Style!

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Friendly, highly qualified staff that are attentive to patients’ needs and concerns.

The Hearing Place, originally started in Fort Collins, now has seven convenient locations across northern Colorado:

Hear what others are saying to see what you can expect on your journey.

“Michelle removed the blockage and restored my moms hearing almost immediately. With that one visit she returned a huge part of my moms quality of life.”


Chris L.

"If you think you don’t hear well, or you have a problem hearing, go see Michelle in Fort Lupton, Colorado. She can help you lead a better life."

B.D. “Buster” I.

"WOW! I’m hearing sounds that I haven’t heard in 15 to 20 years. Even though I had good hearing aids, I still didn’t hear some sounds that I hear now."

Dean H.

"Michelle and her staff are always considerate, patient, and accommodating. They attend to his particular needs (excessive earwax) and adjust his aid to his greatest benefit."

Don and Jane T.


Thank you for helping me with my hearing aids. I could not have better service any place else. You are a loving and friendly person. I am glad you are here in Windsor for me."


"I must compliment you and your staff for an outstanding office experience. It is wonderful to call The Hearing Place. A person with a pleasant voice will answer the call and help you resolve your issue. Such a nice feature."

Bill L.

"Katie is wonderful to work with and explains everything very well.  My favorite thing about my hearing aids is that they have eliminated my tinnitus." 

Sharon B.

"The hearing aids are VERY comfortable, only my glasses resting on them are uncomfortable at times. Katie is gracious and very helpful.  She has been great!!  Of course, the COST is very high.  I've recommended them to my cousin.  A wonderful product!!!" 

Debra H.

The Latest from The Hearing Place

What is Sudden Deafness?

June 22, 2020

When someone rapidly loses hearing when no injury or trauma has occurred, we refer to it as sudden deafness. A person experiencing sudden deafness, called Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL), should seek medical attention immediately. Often times, people experience this sudden hearing loss in only one ear and think it will resolve itself. Maybe they…

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