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Hey Google, Find Earigator™ Near Me

If you’re yelling at your phone asking Google to “find Earigator™ near me,” you may need that ear cleaning more than you think. The Earigator™ is a magical piece of equipment that safely cleans ear wax from your ears. If you’re looking for an Earigator™ near you, then look no further. At The Hearing Place, we’ve got a team full of experts who are trained in this sort of magic. 

Keep scrolling to learn more about this technology and how it’s revolutionized the science of wax removal.

Let’s Hear More About that Earigator™

The Earigator™ was designed by an otologist, a physician with extensive training on how to diagnose and treat common ear ailments. It’s used to clean out the outer ear canal of any buildup and is unique because it’s the patented combination of an otoscope and ear irrigation.

An otoscope is the tool that doctors use to look inside your ears. It lights up and magnifies your ear canal allowing your doctor to get a good look. Ear irrigation is a technique used by doctors to clean out cerumen buildup from your ears. This process steadily pumps water into your ear via a handheld nozzle to flush out your ear canal.

Did You Just Say Cerumen?

Ah, yes. Cerumen is the medical term for earwax. Certainly, you’ve heard of earwax, but few of us know what it really is. Ear wax or cerumen is a waxy material produced by glands in the skin of the outer ear canal. It exists to clean and lubricate the ears, as well as protect them from bacteria, fungi, dirt, insects, and water. 

Our bodies naturally clean out this earwax over time. (Cleveland Clinic) The skin on the inside of the ear canal slowly grows from the inside out over time. When the earwax hitching a ride on the older skin reaches the outside of your ear, it dries and flakes off. The movement of your jaw bones also helps your body move the earwax along.

Occasionally, the cerumen can cause blockage in your ear canal when your body produces it faster than it can remove it. The feeling of a cerumen blockage is not only uncomfortable; it can also result in earaches, dizziness, or in extreme cases, hearing loss. That’s why it’s important to have your ears cleaned out periodically.

Enter the Earigator™

Sometimes that earwax can get impacted, or built up, and lead to varying degrees of discomfort. The Earigator™, ​​the world’s most advanced self-contained ear irrigation system, is the perfect tool to remove even the toughest cerumen buildup.

At The Hearing Place, our ear wax removal procedure takes 3-5 minutes and is completely pain-free and highly effective. The Earigator’s™ self-contained temperature control constantly regulates the water to body temperature, avoiding any caloric or vertigo side effects. Its pressure controls ensure that impacted cerumen, or earwax, is removed quickly and safely, while never endangering your eardrum.

The Hearing Place are the Earigator™ Experts Near You

The entire team of hearing experts at The Hearing Place is trained to use this technology to safely and efficiently remove even the most stubborn ear wax. If you are suffering from a cerumen blockage or would like to visit our team to find out if you are, schedule an appointment today with the Earigator™ experts near you.