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Audiologists: Who They Are and What They Do

Audiology, the science of hearing, is an expanding field that has helped people understand how they hear, and why some things (like high or low pitch noises) are harder or easier for them to hear. But what is an audiologist and what do they do? 

At The Hearing Place, we pride ourselves on our caring, professional staff of audiologists who are available for all of your hearing concerns.

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According to the American Academy of Audiology, an audiologist is a medical professional who diagnoses and treats patients with various ear-related conditions. This includes everything from sensorineural hearing loss to noise-induced hearing loss. Patient’s who also have tinnitus can be evaluated and treated by an audiologist.  Once an audiologist has determined which condition you’re experiencing, they can recommend treatment options such as hearing aids.

The two main areas of focus in audiology are related to diagnostics and prevention. Diagnostics cover everything ranging from identifying if there could be something wrong with your inner ear all the way down to understanding exactly what those issues might look and feel like. During the course of diagnostics, an audiologist will conduct thorough exams of the ears and conduct a full hearing test to determine what is wrong with the hearing system. Prior to a full hearing test an audiologist can remove cerumen (wax) with professional techniques.

Once an issue is detected, the audiologist moves on to treatment. Treatment techniques can look like prescribing earplugs to help against loud noises at work, recommending hearing aids, or tinnitus treatment services.

If it is determined that your best treatment options are hearing aids, your audiologist will help you find the right pair for your ears and explain everything from sizing to at-home care. Learn about our hearing aid services here.

Hearing is a significant part of living an engaged and meaningful life. 

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Here at The Hearing Place, we understand how important it can be to have clear and focused hearing in every part of your life. Our team of audiologists has the expertise you need to keep your ears in top shape so you can hear as well as possible now and into the future. 

Find a location near you and request a hearing test to find out how we can help keep your ears healthy.