Hearing Aid Chargers vs Batteries

Jul 30, 2021 | Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss

Hearing aid and batteries

What are the differences between a hearing aid charger or hearing aid batteries? 

Hearing aids can be life-changing, but they don’t help if they don’t have the battery power they need to keep up with your busy life. Some hearing aids require batteries, and others use a charger, either way, you will need to keep your hearing aids charged to ensure proper functioning. 

Hearing Aid Chargers 

Depending on the manufacturer, some hearing aids are rechargeable and do not require disposable batteries. For some, having a rechargeable case is preferred because you won’t have to worry about purchasing disposable batteries when the hearing aids battery dies. However, with rechargeable hearing aids, they will need to be charged regularly for proper function, whereas with batteries, you can put them in and not worry about them for several weeks. 

How to Care for Your Hearing Aid Charger:

  • Owning a hearing aid charger requires the battery contacts on the hearing aid and the charger to be kept clean. You can clean them using a dry, clean cloth to wipe both the hearing aid and where the devices sit in the charger. 

Hearing Aid Batteries 

Some hearing aids use a traditional zinc-air battery. These will need to be changed out regularly. There are four different battery sizes: 10, 13, 312, and 675. Manufacturers use an industry-standard color code to identify the battery size to make it easy for finding your battery size. Battery life is determined by the type and amplification of your hearing aid, as well as the hours you wear it. Because this varies from person to person, we suggest you consult your hearing professional so they can properly diagnose the expected battery duration per your specific lifestyle.

How to Care For Your Hearing Aid Batteries:

  • Store your batteries at room temperature. Avoid extreme temperatures. Heat will shorten the life of the batteries, and refrigeration is not recommended. Avoid carrying batteries in your purse or pocket because metal objects such as keys or coins can short out batteries.

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