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Introducing Rechargeable Hearing Aids

audeo br rechargeable hearing aids

Photo Credit: Phonak

Every piece of technology seems to be rechargeable these days, eliminating the hassle of needing new batteries as often. Just this year, Phonak has developed and introduced the first ever lithium-ion rechargeable battery hearing aids which provide 24 hours of hearing.

These new hearing aids, the Audéo B-R, can simply charge overnight for a full day of use without the worry of having an extra set of batteries on hand. Plus, they only take three hours to charge for a full use. In a rush? A quick 30-minute charge gives up to six hours of full performance. With several easy-to-use charging options, the worry of running out of power is over.

The Audéo hearing aids run on Phonak’s AutoSense OS operating system. This operating system removes the effort of changing listening programs by being able to adapt to the environment it is in – whether listening to music or dining in a noisy, busy restaurant, the OS has proven to deliver 20% better speech understanding and 60% improvement in speech understanding when in a noisy environment.

Storing the Audéo B-R in the charger when not in use for long periods of time will increase its lifespan. Connecting to the range of Phonak’s wireless accessories is less of a worry now with the rechargeable battery. Charging on the go is available with the Phonak charging case with the power pack attachment, making them ideal for short trips where there is no power source. That’s right, camping is worry free! A fully charged power pack offers seven charging cycles for a pair of Audéo hearing aids.

To recap:

  • 24 hours – full day use
  • Quickest charging and no battery deterioration over time
  • Smart charging options ideal for those on the move
  • Easy handling and no hassles of disposable batteries

The Phonak Audéo B-R was rolled out in late August of 2016. Make an appointment with one of our hearing specialists to see if these will be a good fit for you! 970-266-8380

Learn more about the Phonak Rechargeable Hearing Aid here.