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The Risks of Buying Hearing Aids Online: Why Choose Expert Audiologists

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In today’s digital age, convenience is at our fingertips, and more people are turning to online shopping for various needs, including healthcare products. One growing trend we’ve noticed, as your Colorado team of expert Audiologists, is the increasing number of people buying hearing aids online. While the allure of cheaper prices and doorstep delivery may be tempting, there are significant risks associated with this approach.

Quality Concerns

When buying hearing aids online, there’s a risk of receiving products that are not up to standard. These devices may not meet the quality and performance expectations set by reputable manufacturers. Lower-quality hearing aids can lead to dissatisfaction with sound quality and overall performance.

At The Hearing Place, we’ve established long-standing partnerships with leading hearing device brands to enhance your engagement and fulfillment in life. After conducting your hearing test, we analyze the results and your hearing experiences in different environments to recommend the best high-quality hearing device tailored specifically for you.

Improper Fit

The risk of an improper fit significantly increases when buying hearing aids online. Without the expertise of a trained professional to assess and customize the fit, you may end up with a device that doesn’t sit correctly in your ear or provide the intended amplification. This can result in ineffective sound quality and even exacerbate existing hearing problems.

At The Hearing Place, we take a personalized approach to fitting hearing aids. We carefully assess your ear anatomy and consider your lifestyle and hearing needs to select the most suitable device. Our audiologists then meticulously adjust and fine-tune the hearing aid to ensure optimal comfort and performance. With our expert guidance, you can be confident that your hearing aid will fit comfortably and function effectively, enhancing your hearing experience and overall quality of life. Read more in our blog about what our audiologists can do for you or a family member experiencing hearing loss here.

Mismatched Solutions

Hearing loss is unique to each individual. The type and severity of hearing loss vary, requiring customized solutions. When buying hearing aids online, there’s a risk of choosing devices that are not suitable for your specific hearing needs. This mismatch can result in ineffective amplification, making it difficult to hear clearly.

Hearing Aids from The Hearing Place
Not all hearing aids are appropriate for all types of hearing loss. In fact, according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), “hearing aids bought online without a complete hearing test and other services may not meet your needs. You may end up buying hearing aids that do not help.” An audiologist will describe your hearing loss and why some hearing aids are a better option than others to provide you with the best outcomes possible.
Potential for Worsening Hearing

Believe it or not, using the wrong hearing aids can potentially worsen your hearing. Improper amplification and settings can lead to further damage to your auditory system. It’s essential to consult with a professional before buying hearing aids online to ensure you’re getting the right device for your condition. Explore our blog for more information on what to consider when choosing a hearing aid.

Manufacturer and Legal Compliance Issues

Another concern with buying hearing aids online is the potential lack of adherence to manufacturer preferences and legal compliance. Reputable manufacturers provide guidelines for fitting and adjusting hearing aids to ensure optimal performance and safety. Purchasing online may bypass these important steps, compromising your hearing health and potentially violating legal regulations. 

At The Hearing Place, we don’t want you to have to search for the perfect hearing aid for your needs. That’s why we provide seven high-quality brands of hearing aids – to help you find the perfect hearing aid for your hearing health and lifestyle, including:

What About Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids?

While the Hearing Health Foundation acknowledges that “over-the-counter hearing aids can be a good stepping stone before obtaining prescription hearing aids for those with mild to moderate hearing loss,” they emphasize the importance of a diagnostic hearing evaluation by an audiologist for all consumers before purchasing any hearing aid products. This recommendation applies to both OTC and prescription hearing aids. 

At The Hearing Place, we align with this guidance by ensuring that each patient receives a comprehensive hearing evaluation before recommending any brand of hearing aids. This step is crucial not only for selecting the most suitable device but also for adhering to manufacturer guidelines and legal compliance.


The Safe Way Forward For Your Long-Term Hearing Health

Given these risks, it’s clear that buying hearing aids online is not the safest or most reliable option for addressing your hearing loss. As a first step, and to ensure you receive quality care and the right solution tailored to your needs, it’s crucial to consult with a qualified audiologist.

At The Hearing Place, our team of experienced audiologists is dedicated to providing personalized care, ensuring your hearing aids fit correctly and meet your specific needs. Take the first step towards better hearing today! Request a hearing test today!