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Dr. Robert Traynor Interview With The Hearing Place

Robert M. Traynor is a board-certified audiologist with 46 years of clinical practice in audiology. He is a hearing industry consultant, trainer, professor, conference speaker, practice manager, and author. In addition, he has 45 years of experience teaching courses and training clinicians within the field of audiology with a specific emphasis on hearing and tinnitus rehabilitation.

The Hearing Place recently interviewed Dr. Robert Traynor about how he came to know The Hearing Place, and he shares an exclusive offer that is only available to his former patients.

Video Transcript:

Hey, I’m Dr. Bob Traynor and I had a clinic in Greeley an audiology clinic for 46 years. Many of you were my patients over a long period of time.

My first experience with Dr. Brittany Matheson was as a competitor up the street to my clinic, Audiology Associates in Greeley. At Audiology Associates, our main goal was to solve those problems that were of intense interest to each and every patient that walked in the front door. My experience with The Hearing Place and Dr. Brittany Matheson as well as Dr. Katie Cox and her colleagues is exactly their philosophy as well.

It’s my pleasure to tell you about an offer that The Hearing Place Dr. Matheson and Dr. Cox are offering to all of my former patients. They are offering you a free complimentary consultation to see if their philosophy and their services work within your particular situation. I would encourage anyone struggling with hearing loss or persistent and bothersome tinnitus to call The Hearing Place for a professional consultation.

At The Hearing Place, we believe hearing shouldn’t be a barrier to living a fulfilling and engaging life. Our specialists have been helping people, like you, hear again so you can stop feeling isolated and begin leading a more fulfilled and engaged life.

Through hearing loss consultations and clinical hearing screenings, our team of audiologists helps people at all stages of hearing loss determine how best to restore their hearing. If hearing aid devices are appropriate for your hearing loss, we will walk you through the process of selecting the ideal device for you. 

Learn how to get started or schedule your appointment today to start your hearing journey with The Hearing Place, your trusted Colorado audiology clinic.