Tips for Exercising with Hearing Aids

Everyday routines like exercising can cause a bit of anxiety when you first start wearing hearing aids. Don’t let it become an excuse to skip the gym or not join a local rec team sport. Here’s how to keep your hearing aids in shape while you keep yourself in shape.

Keep Your Hearing Aids Dry

Keeping your hearing aids dry is the biggest challenge of all during exercise. Moisture is enemy number one to hearing aids and sweat is the most common source. Behind the ear hearing aids are vulnerable to sweat dripping onto the top of them and seeping inside.

While many hearing aids are moisture-resistant these days, this feature is not 100 percent effective over their lifespan. Hearing aid sweatbands can capture sweat before it reaches the hearing aid. They’re worth the investment of protecting your hearing aids and are easy to wash like other exercise clothing.

If you’re still feeling uneasy about moister getting to your hearing aids, a hearing aid dehumidifier will clear out any remaining moisture. Alternatively, storing your hearing aids in a bag of raw rice that won’t get stuck in your hearing aids is another way to clear out moisture.

Protect Your Hearing Aids During Exercise

Even the best-fitted hearing aids can come loose doing some intense exercises, risking damage. A hearing aid sleeve made of nylon or spandex will cover the hearing aid and has a cord and clip to keep your hearing aids in place. If one falls out during exercise, it’s easy to find and place it back.

A hearing aid clip is similar but only attaches to your hearing aids and clips onto your clothes (no moisture protection). Wearing exercise clothing without hoods creates less of a chance of your hearing aids being disturbed during exercise. If your exercise or sport requires a helmet, size it out to fit well with your hearing aids.

Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

It sounds like common sense, but staying on top of cleaning moisture and dirt off your hearing aids will make them last longer. A compressed air canister will clear off leftover moisture and a simple cleaning kit will remove debris.

The benefits of being able to hear properly during these activities is huge and will help your performance. Exercising with hearing aids can add a few extra steps to staying fit or playing your favorite sport, but the results for yourself and your hearing aids are worth it.