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Experience Better Hearing on Your Terms

Did you know that 38.2 million Americans suffer from some degree of hearing loss?

This doesn’t include the millions of family members and loved ones who are also affected. Hearing loss affects everything from family game night to holidays and everything in between. Kerrie Luginbill describes her experience with her grandparent’s hearing loss and how The Hearing Place was able to help.

Hearing Loss Affects Quality-Family Time

Kerrie explains how her grandpa would feel on holidays, “He would basically just sit in the corner because he couldn’t hear anything and it was overwhelming.” Family gatherings can be extremely overwhelming for individuals with hearing loss as they try to be involved in conversations and continually put in extra effort just to be able to hear.

This becomes very taxing and can cause hearing loss exhaustion. Hearing loss exhaustion is when the lack of information from the ears to the brain causes the brain to work much harder. This can cause headaches, irritability, difficulty concentrating and isolation.

Hearing Loss Exhaustion

Kerrie has experienced first hand some of the signs of hearing loss exhaustion with her grandpa. “At a certain point in the night, he got tired of not being able to hear, it was very muffled with a lot of loud background noise. You could see him get uncomfortable and start to isolate himself.”

Kerrie explains, “Over time we started to see it impacted those gatherings more, we started to see that distance occur more.”

Caring for a loved one with hearing loss can be challenging and overwhelming. Kerrie describes how her grandparent’s hearing loss affected her mom, “Watching hearing loss impacting people like my mom. She loves spending time with people and she loves being connected and when my grandma or grandpa isolates themselves from her, it hits really deep.”

In-Home Test Kits

We offer in-home test kits to make the testing and fitting process as simple as can be. Kerrie explains her experience with our in-home test kits, “Brittany made it so easy and she made my family so comfortable. We used her in-home test kit and it was so easy to use, it took less than ten minutes and was really accurate.”

One of her favorite parts about working with The Hearing Place is “The experience doesn’t just stop when you get your hearing aids fitted, it kind of continues as a relationship, and Brittany invites them back and her team invites your family back to adjust them and continually improve your hearing experience.”

Kerrie says, “I thank Brittany and The Hearing Place so much for what she has done for my family.”

As you have seen through this family’s story, The Hearing Place offers comprehensive hearing evaluations – on your own terms. Whether you want to take a hearing test from the comfort of your own home or visit one of our 7 convenient locations, The Hearing Place has an option for you. Click here to start your journey to better hearing today.

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