As concerns about the coronavirus continue to grow, we want to keep you informed about the measures The Hearing Place is taking to safeguard our patients’ and employees’ health and safety, as well as manage business operations in the event of a local epidemic.

Your safety is always our number one priority!

We continue to educate our staff on preventative strategies, like washing hands regularly, sanitizing surfaces and frequently-contacted areas of the office, and staying home if they are sick. We have infection control policies in place as part of our already-established clinic operations.

We are also closely monitoring official bulletins, health guidance, and announcements regarding the state of the coronavirus in our area. We will implement other safety measures at our clinics such as postponing group events, if needed, to avoid transmitting disease in the event of a local epidemic. For the time being, cancellation fees are waived for patients canceling appointments same-day due to illness or concern of exposure Рhowever, as always, we ask you to give us as much notice as possible.

In an effort to keep inter-patient contact to a minimum, you may also hear from us regarding rescheduling your appointment to an earlier or later time on the same day. We appreciate your understanding and willingness to work with us as we strive to protect both you and our staff.

There are some important steps that you can take as well:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly, as often as you can 
  • Avoid contact with those who are sick 
  • Avoid touching your face 
  • Covering your cough or sneezes with a tissue 

For more information, see the main disease management page from the CDC.

We value your patronage and will do all that we can to keep our office clean and accessible during this season. 

Best Regards,

-Dr. Brittany Mathisen
And the staff at The Hearing Place