Protect Your Hearing

Hearing loss can happen very gradually. Prolonged exposure to sounds above 85 decibels (dB) may cause permanent hearing loss. To give you some perspective on the different dB levels, normal conversation is measured at a noise level of 50-70 dB. A motorcycle or lawn mower is 85-90 dB. The extreme noise of a typical rock concert is measured at 110 to120 dB and an ambulance siren is 119-140 dB.


Here are a few ways you can prevent hearing loss from happening to you:

Limit or Avoid Hazardous Noise Environments. Having to raise your voice is a good indicator of being in an environment that is potentially dangerous to your hearing.

Wear Hearing Protection: If loud noise is unavoidable, like using a power tool, wear hearing protection such as earplugs.

Compare dB Ratings: If available, compare dB levels when purchasing household appliances.  The lower the dB level, the quieter and the better for you and your family’s ears.

Keep the Volume Down: If a person standing next to you can hear the sound through your earphones, then the volume is too loud. Also, be cognizant of how high the volume is on the TV and try to avoid running multiple appliances at the same time at home.

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