Prevent Hearing Loss – Start Young

The Hearing Place of Colorado - Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

With the increased use of personal digital technology, the concern of hearing loss among younger kids is rapidly rising. Here are a few tips to help protect your own and your children’s hearing to prevent hearing loss:

  • Avoid excess noise
  • Clean ear wax out of ears
  • Limit exposure to loud noises
  • Wear hearing protection
  • Avoid tobacco use
    • exposure to tobacco smoke has been linked to increased risk of hearing loss

Education: Now more than ever, teenagers and young adults are keeping ear buds and headphones in their ears for long periods of time. Talk to your kids about the danger of keeping the volume up too loud for too long and how it can affect their hearing.

Set an Example: Most people know to wear safety glasses when working on a project around the house, but seldom do people wear ear plugs when operating loud equipment, like lawn mowers and power tools.

Time Out: Give your kids a rest from loud toys, music, etc. by encouraging them to have quiet time with a book or playing with non-electric toys.

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