The Five Stages of Hearing Loss

Helping you hear better is our goal, and because that is our focus every single day you can be sure we’re familiar with the process people go through as hearing becomes a challenge.

You can also be sure that we’re here to help no matter what stage you’re in.

From a quick hearing test that can show you what level of hearing loss you might have to testing out our new hearing aids, we can help you find the next step in your journey with ease!

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Who Says You Can’t Enjoy Music Because of Hearing Loss?

Music is loved and appreciated worldwide for its ability to bring people together and soothe the soul. People who suffer from hearing loss often mourn the loss of the ability to hear and appreciate music the way they did when their hearing was better. Until recently, the best that hearing aids could offer in the way of music enjoyment was a second setting that was based on (but a little different than) the wearer’s current hearing aid settings. This method was certainly better than nothing for...


Listening Fatigue

Hearing loss is more than difficulty understanding speech and hearing sound. It also makes you extremely tired; listening takes a lot of effort and energy. People with normal hearing don’t really think about the fact that listening can be fatiguing and frustrating. The Better Hearing Institute estimates that societal costs of untreated hearing loss result in $56 billion wasted per year in the United States and 92 billion euros in Europe. This high cost was said to mainly be due to lost ...


8 Things Untreated Hearing Loss Can Impact

Hearing loss is as unique to each person as a fingerprint. No one person has the same type of loss in each ear, nor do people get hearing loss the same way. But, what everyone with hearing has in common are the 8 possible things that hearing loss can indirectly or directly affect.


VocabularyWith untreated hearing loss, various sounds and letters lose frequencies. Each letter and verbal sound corresponds to a unique frequency range, and when one loses the ability to hear that range...


How to Properly Clean and Care for Your Hearing Aids

Just like cars, hearing aids require a certain degree of routine maintenance to keep them functioning at optimal capacity. And while some  maintenance items should be used only by the manufacturer or by us, there are many other preventative measures that you can complete regularly to ensure that your hearing aid is at full-functioning capacity!

Below we examine three main causes or hearing aid problems and offer cleaning and care tips to help!

Battling Ear Wax
Ear wax is often described ...


3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Hearing Care Follow-up Appointment

Like your car, teeth, and even your financial portfolio, your hearing aids and hearing health can benefit from routine care and maintenance. After a hearing aid fitting, your hearing healthcare professional will likely recommend follow-up appointments. These routine visits offer great opportunities to ask your hearing professional questions, have maintenance performed on your hearing aids, and keep you hearing your best.

Here are a few suggestions to make the most of these visits and maximize...


How to Tell Others About Your Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is commonly referred to as an invisible health condition, and early warning signs are often overlooked. Unlike other medical conditions, you can’t physically see the signs of hearing loss. Often the most difficult step in improving your hearing is recognizing you need help.

Hearing loss can develop at any age and can be caused by a number of different factors. Individuals with hearing loss often have difficulty following conversations and understanding the voices of women a...


Help a Family Member Get Their Hearing Tested

When you begin to notice a family member struggling with their hearing, it’s instinct to want to jump in and help. But how do you be an advocate without being pushy or invasive? Here are some helpful tips to help encourage your family member to get their hearing tested while respecting their feelings.

If you are noticing signs that a family member or friend may have hearing loss, the best thing to do for them is suggest they see a hearing professional for a tes...


Guess What? You Probably Have Hearing Loss!

According to the National Academy on an Aging Society, hearing loss is one of the most common health conditions experienced by males 75 and older. Hearing, like all our senses, declines as we age, and can often be exacerbated by exposure to loud noises, other health issues, medications and more. It can quickly impact our ability to understand speech, respond to warnings and emergency situations, hear phone calls and enjoy time with family or friends.

Age-related hearing loss often impacts bot...


Can I Wear an Invisible Hearing Aid?

Q: I was told I can’t wear an invisible hearing aid. Does that sound right?

A: Starkey Hearing Technologies has been building custom hearing aids — the kind that fit inside your ear rather than behind it — for decades. In fact, they are the largest manufacturer of custom hearing aids in the world. This expertise led them to create the Invisible-In-the-Canal (IIC) hearing aid in 2010. They were the first hearing aid manufacturer to bring this popular hearing aid style to market. Designe...